Enhance Your Curb Appeal With a Stunning New Driveway

We provide affordable driveway paving & installation services in the Waterboro, Brunswick & Falmouth, ME area

Your driveway is more than just a space to park your car - it's a way to enhance your landscaping and distinguish your home's style. When it comes time to install a new driveway at your home in Waterboro, Brunswick& Falmouth, ME, turn to Asphalt Expert. We provide top-quality driveway paving services at affordable rates.

What is a house without a beautiful driveway? The driveway is essentially the welcome mat for every house, and when it is cracked and chipping, it detracts from the value and appeal of the property. At Asphalt Experts, we do driveway paving throughout Maine, and have the skill to perform all types of repair and maintenance. Let us be your custom paver.

Driveway paving is something you definitely need to hire an expert for. It might be a nice way to relax too. By hiring Asphalt Experts you will produce something a DIY project simply will not: professional results. We have been in the paving industry for years and have the skill and experience needed to create a highly functional and aesthetically appealing driveway. We will make sure everything
is graded for proper water pitch without sacrificing quality.

A great benefit of investing in an asphalt driveway as opposed to a concrete one is the improved durability. Unlike a concrete driveway, asphalt is not subject to surface flaking. Because of its flexibility, as well as a seal coat application, it is also far less likely to crack. Asphalt driveways boast lower maintenance costs than other materials as well, which makes them cost-effective and economical.

An asphalt driveway from Asphalt Experts is beautiful, functional, and affordable. We provide service custom-tailored to each of our customers, which means that no two driveways are the same.

We have more than 12 years of hands-on experience and can handle even the toughest paving jobs. Contact us today to schedule driveway installation services.

Hire a preferred asphalt contractor

There's no need to search far and wide for a reliable paving company. When you need driveway paving services, turn to Asphalt Expert. Our skilled crew knows how to:

  • Install new driveways
  • Repair damaged asphalt
  • Apply durable driveway coatings

Don't hire a paving contractor that will leave you waiting around for results. Call us today to get a free estimate on driveway installation services.